Thursday, December 16, 2010

Progress with the house (both of them)

Derek has almost completed the fence that he has been building which will allow us to get a puppy dog.  The gate went in yesterday, and once he has painted it I will post up some more photos.

We're in the final throes of sorting out the house plans. Nigel will finish the working drawings shortly, so we can get on with the processes to get it into Council for our building permit.  Once we have the new floor plan we will post it up here.

In the meantime, Derek's done one last clear of the block so we can mark the house out for the bulk excavation early in the new year.  I'm sure we'll have plenty of photos to share from that process, big machines moving around heaps of soil and knocking down trees. Needless to say that Derek is looking forward to the process.

For now though we are preparing for our first krismas alone together. It is not feeling very krismassy down here though, maybe we should have gotten a tree :-)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sea Shepherds

One of the things I hadn't really thought about was how busy Hobart harbour is for boats that work in the Southern Ocean. We were in town last weekend and noticed that the Sea Shepherd ships were in port. Unfortunately the stealth ship wasn't with them, but they were quite impressive.

The Steve Irwin (the one at the back) is a pretty impressive piece of kit with a helicopter and a rubber dinghy from hell.

So Hobart does have its own level of excitement, just a little different than we're used to.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mr Peugeot is not happy

Our first bit of negative excitement occurred last Wednesday on my home from work.

Not 1 minute from home I was t-boned at the intersection on the other side of the Huon River.  The guy was taking off from the intersection, so thankfully the damage was limited - but he still caused over $9,000 damage.

We've also discovered the one drawback of a european car - we may be waiting for the replacement door to come from France.  There is a chance we'll have it back at the end of next week, but it is likely to be the week after.

And yes, this means that on those days that Derek can live without it I am driving the ute to work!

Please be fixed soon.