Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Guest Area Progressing and lights

The guest area has progressed with one and a bit of the three sides having two coats of render.

Work will now begin on the straw walls on the other two sides of the guest area.  Once they are done I can get the builder back to help me install the windows and do the eaves.

We're waiting on the electrician at the moment so we can get the plasterers in for the garage. The panel door is ordered and in about six weeks will be ready to install and get us to lock up (everything else going well).

We also had a big breakthrough last Friday when we were in Devonport. We visited a local lighting store and finally found a store with a great range at a really good price - Halley's Lighting if you want to know. Kylie has found the perfect light for her studio and our kitchen lighting is pretty cool as well.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year

Well it is the new year and the neighbour has had his excavator home.  Which allowed for some larger scale earthworks to occur.

We moved the original drain which was closed and open, open bit shown below.

The new drain is a little longer but it is all underground.

And once it is covered in gives us a little more space.

We also had the mountains of soil moved so now the ground is a little more even around the house.

Now we just need to get on and finish the last of the straw walls. (And by we Derek means he!)