Thursday, June 27, 2013

Certificate of Occupancy

It has been a while since we have posted anything.  Things have been pretty busy with us.  Between continuing to build the house, me starting a new job and Kylie starting a new job this week, it has been hectic.

Today we had our Certificate of Occupancy inspection.  It went as expected and we will be issued with a certificate with conditions.  The conditions will be simple things like external doors with too big a drop have to be locked.

So we can now move in.  Yeah!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Kitchen (and the Stove)

These are fairly low quality photos, since the light was poor this morning and they were taken on Kylie's phone, but since we're both at work at the moment we don't have time to take a better one so here is a preview of the kitchen. The bench is about 3.4 metres long, and will have the same tiles put on the back of the bench as we have in the fireplace (hopefully that will happen next Tuesday).

And of course there is the wonderful stove, that we have had sitting in the garage for two years just waiting to be used. It's a mainly induction cooktop, but has a ceramic hotplate so if you have non-induction friendly cookware you can still use it. Can't wait to start cooking up a storm in this kitchen.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Floors Sanded and Sealed

Last week saw the floors sanded and sealed.  The sealing uses a gloss coat whilst the finish coat will be a satin, so the final finish won't be as "shiny" as the photos below.

This week also saw the ensuite tiled.  There was a lot of discussion with the tiler on the best way to achieve what we wanted, we're really happy with the final product.

Last week was a big week for both of us and not just for the house.  Firstly I finished two weeks of full-time work (behind a desk) and that has been extended into a 6 month contract.  They are happy for me to work part time for June so that we can move into the new house.  Big change from the house building.

Secondly, Kylie resigned from her public service job, talk about not even waiting for the dust to settle after I returned to work :-) She's been struggling a bit with the job for a little while now, so she's decided to leave to try to pursue something that will be more creative, or at least get her there.

All in all a big week for everyone, even Lily had her first full week of day care. Next week we should have the kitchen installed, which includes the big red stove. We'll try to get photos up as early as possible.