Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our floorplan

We've been pretty slack about getting this up, so apologies for that. There have been some minor internal changes since this was drawn up, but they are only minor.

Some notes on the drawing:
- the thick external walls are the strawbales
- the corner window in the lounge is a window seat
- the stairs in the studio go to a mezzanine level (we're unsure about this at the moment)

The quality of the scan is quite low but it gives the general concept of the building. For those of you who don't know, the house has been designed by Nigel Jones, who does quite a lot of sustainable design and has done more than a few strawbale homes.

And a building update:

We have a garage slab and the footings for the main slab poured. The brickies have been hard at work the last couple of days, with Derek's able assistance, and we have almost all of the walls in the garage completed.

Hopefully the deluge that has been the last 24 hours has now stopped and they can get on with more tomorrow - there has been some localised flooding in Huonville tonight but it hasn't cut us off from the highway so it's not too bad.