Friday, February 22, 2013

It has been a while

Has been a while since we posted updates - too busy doing!

Two weeks ago we put in the last straw bale.  A few days later the wall was wrapped and ready for render.

Once the wall had a single coat of render, we had the builder come back to help put in the windows into the guest area and finish the eaves.

At the same time we had the plasterers put the ceiling in the garage

Since then the builder and I have finished the blocking the plasterer needs in the rest of the house, I have nearly completed the second coat of render outside, we have dry fitted one of the two garage windows and I have got two coats of paint on the garage ceiling.

All going well the garage door will be fitted next week and if the weather holds I can get the two garage windows in.  We will then be at lockup which is very exciting.