Monday, January 30, 2012

Wet Weather Update

Well today started out a little grey but the builder and I were making good progress.  That is until the rain turned up and ruined a good run.  We have two weeks to get everything ready for the roof to go on and it was always going to be tight.  This weather will not help.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Ridge Beams

A mid week update for Erin.  Yesterday saw the big ridge beam above the garage go up.  It is the largest of the ridge beams and whilst we may have been able to manhandle it into position we took the easier route and used a crane.  One of the guys from the local photography club has a crane on his truck which made easy work of it.

Today saw another small ridge beam go up and some more rafters.  We are starting towards the difficult part of the roof, valley rafters.

It's really starting to resemble a house now. You can see the roof and ceiling lines and get a feeling for the spaces that will be created once it is complete.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


The last three days have been hard work but well worth it.  We have managed to get the rafters along the front of the house up, which required another ridge beam.  May not look like much but it has taken some effort.

Tomorrow we start to do the roof towards the garage and guest area.  The ridge beam over the guest area is the largest in the house (360x90x8000) and it will require a crane to lift into position.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ridge Beams

Well today was a warm day in Tassie (30 degrees), so a good day to be putting up ridge beams.  The builder and I managed to get up two as well as building another ceiling so we had something to stand on.

The big one is 290x90mm and is just over 8 metres long.  The two of us could lift it , just, so with some thought and strength we managed to get it up to its resting place, just under 5 metres off the slab.  Only casualty was my finger that was caught between the beam and the scaffold.  The jury is still out whether I will lose the nail.

Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer than today.  We have to get the other ridge beam in and level them all, so should be another challenging day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year Progress

After two weeks off over Xmas we are back into the build.  Last week was a catch up week with me finishing off little jobs and getting my head around the roof build.

This week we were back in to it.  Had the brick layer back on Wednesday to finish the block wall now that I know where the ridge is and the rake of the ceiling.  Shocking weather for laying blocks with the last downpour lasting over an hour whilst I was trying to fill the cores.  It stopped being fun about half way through that.

We also started building up walls and posts for the ridge beams.

Today was driving around to get the scaffolding so that we have something safe to work from.  A long way up and my aversion to heights is still there. but the stability of the scaffold is helping.

Next week is starting with the ridge beams and rafters.  Hopefully the weather holds out for that.